The horse is not to scale as to the other figures.

The Neandethals lived from some 300 000 years to about 30 000 years ago. They most probably were as intelligent as we are and had a developed speach like ours. They mixed with the present human species, and thus we have about 3-5 % of their genes in our genome.

They were big game hunters and gatherers. Wolly mammoth, Przewalski's horse and cave bear were some of their prey.















































Bronze age couple (3500 years ago).

Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Ludwig Frank, edition Scholtz.





The Neanderthals in the top row were drawn and engraved by Franz Karl Mohr, edition Scholtz.

The standing wolly mammoth was drawn by Ludwig Madlener and angraved by Ludwig Frank. Edition Scholtz.

The slaughter scene was drawn, engraved and issued by Helmut Braune.

The horse was drawn by Ludwig Madlener and engraved by Ludwig Frank, edition. Beck.