Big figures

Plains Indian, 40 mm.


Gaelic warrior. 57 mm.



Saxon warrior, 6th century AD. 55 mm.


Seminole chief Osceola (1804-1838). 65 mm.



Plains Indian, 100 mm.


Roman soldier. 100 mm flat figure.


Russian medieval warriors, bogatyrs, characters in medieval East Slavic legends corresponding to Western European knight-errants. 100mm, engraving F.K. Mohr, edition ?



The lone sentinel. After a painting of Frank MacCarthy. 55-mm.

Drawing Uwe Timper or Karl Heinrichs, engraving Peter Sturm, original edition Wolfgang Hasenpflug (now Historia Müller).

Plains indian and a Hidatsa man. 80-mm.

Drawing and edition Arthur Speyer, engraving unknown.


North American plains indian with his pony.


Drawing Ulrich Lehnart, engraving Karl-Werner Rieger, edition Historia-Müller.


Nathan Bedford Forrest, lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.


Forrest was considered one of the best cavalry leader commanders but after the war the leading commanders admited that his full potential was not used.

Drawing Z. Michaelis, engraving Karl-Werner Reiger, edition B&S Zinnfiguren.


Flavius Belisarius (ca. 505 – 565 A.D.) the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I's supreme army commander. Belisarius was a military genius and played a significant role in Justinian's expansion of his East Roman empire and is also among a select group of men considered to be the "Last of the Romans".

Figure 100-mm.

Drawing Karl Heinrichs?, engraving G. Söllner, edition Henniges.


Major Adolf "Dolfo" Galland´s air craft, a Me 109 E-4, as it was in September 1940 during the "Battle of Britain". Galland was Kommodore of Jagdtgeschwader 26 "Schlageter". The "Mickey Mouse" character was Galland's personal marking. The size of the aircraft should correspond to a 30 mm figure.

Engraving R. Grünewald. Edition "Glorious Empire"

Painting Jan Sennebo. Photo courtesy Jan Sennebo.