Egypt and contemporaries


One of the oldest civilizations situated in present Iraq, emerging in the early Bronze Ages (sixth and fifth millenium BCE (Before the Common Era). The sumerians used war chariots drawn by donkeys. The horses of this time were too small to bear a rider, thus chariots.

Drawing Louis Bombled, engraving Sixtus Maier Sr., edition Gottstein.


The Hettites (ca. 1750-1650 BCE) were an Anatolian people who came in conflict wit the Egyptians. They developed a new kind of war chariot, faster and easier to drive than the Sumerians'.



The figures were drawn by Couissin and Rousselot, the horseman engraved by Otto Thime and the chariots and foot figures by Ludwig Frank except the black man and man with feather in the hair which were engraved by Otto Thieme. Edition Gottstein except for man with bronze sword, shield and helmet and the two twins in hte middle which were editied by Raul Gerard/Österreicher (by Neckel today).




Nefertiti, drawing Louis Charles Bomled, engraving L. Frank, edition Raul Gérard Österreicher (F.C. Neckel). Painting and photo courtesy Jan Sennebo.

Sacrifice ceremony for the goddess Sachmet Sakhmet (Sekhmet, Sekhet, or Sakhet), the Egyptian war goddess and also goodess of healing. She was also protector of the pharaohs and led them in warfare. Drawing M. Michaelis, engraving and edition Wolfgang Friedrich.

Crocodile man and playing woman engraved by Ludwig Frank, edition Raul Gerard/Österreicher (by Neckel today), and fanholding man engraved by Otto Thieme, edition Gottstein.



The biblical myth of Moses. Drawing Lucien Rousselot, engraving Ludwig Frank, edition Kurt Eulner.


Egyptian court. Drawings Lucien Rousselot and Ludwig Madlener, engravings Ludwig Frank and Hans Lecke, editions Raul Gerard/Österreicher ( Neckel), Gottstein, Hafer.


Egyptian war chariots. Drawings Lucien Rousselot and Ludwig Madlener, engraving Ludwig Frank, editions Raul Gerard/Österreicher (Neckel), Gottstein, Hafer and Cortum.


Biblical myths


Joseph and Potiphar's wife

Samson and Delilah. Delilah has just found out Samson's secret that his strength is in his hair. So she cuts it while he is sleeping and betrays him to the Philistines, who kill him.

The beheading of Holofernes by Judith

Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Ludwig Frank, drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Hans Lecke, all figures edition Hafer.

The Judgment of Solomon. Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Hans Lecke, edition Hafer.

The dance of Salome. Queen Herodias's (dressed in yellow) daughter, Salome (naked) who had danced before Herod at his birthday celebration, was told she could ask for anything in return for it. After consulting with her mother, the girl is said to have asked for the head of John the Baptist (black man carrying it on a tray to the left of king Herod, dressed in red mantle).

Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Hans Lecke, edition Hafer.