Kulmbach 2009
Four Swedish tin figure fanciers started out with a good beer at the ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde. Håkan, Jan and Mats drawing up the plans for our campaign.

The world's largest tin figure fair is held every second year in the little medieval town of Kulmbach, Germany.

Here is my personal impressions from that event.

Håkan is letting the money machine determine how many figures he will buy.
The first sign of our final destination.
The gigantic tent where the fair was held.
This is what I'm talking about!
I am always impressed by the slade moulds, mother of the flat figure.
Gallic warrior
Moor warrior
The nice Rieger family
Kulmbach is a medieval town with roots from the 800 th century. Today it holds some 30 000 inhabitants and is full of commerce, shopping and cosy restaurants.
Neckel Jr.
Wolfgang Hafer is one of the ikons of flats.

Beautifully painted 55 mm flat figure by Suzanne Pi'edavent Zahajko.

Carlos Zahajko and Suzanne Pi'edavent Zahajko.
Aztek warrior
Hot dog and a beer, Håkan and Mats at ease.
Excellently painted 100 mm flats, edition Belaschk.
Detlef Belaschk
Bettina Mikkule
Beautiful 30-mm flats, skillfully engraved by Wolfgang Friedrich, edition Friedrich.
Wolfgang Friedrich
The moulds of Alfred Retter are today in the safe hands of Dangelmaier. The Retter 30 mm figures are top notch.
American Indian
The Swedes taking a break with the best beer in the world.
Historia Müller
Swedish editor and engraver Johan Lilliehöök.
Jacques Vullinghs and Jan Sennebo.
Alexander Baden and Jan Sennebo.
Prize 1000
Beer, boys and toys...
It was hot!
The Plassenburg castle overlooking the town.
Liselotte Maier with grand daughter and her husband. The SIMA-figures are always perfectly cast by Mrs. Maier.
Till the very end of the fair Jan kept on looking, studying, examining, and the legions of figures never seemed to cease...
The German autobahns can be crowded - sometimes.
Withdrawing from the the German campain we embark our Swedish vessel, tired and satified, but we'll be back!
Confederate general, 55 mm flat, skillfully engraved by Karl-Werner Rieger.













































































































































































































































































































Louis Liljedahl