Kulmbach 2011
Four Swedish tin figure fanciers started out in the city of Helsingborg and then took the ferry from Trelleborg to Travemünde. Håkan Rosén, Jan Sennebo, Louis Liljedahl and Mats Aztor are all ready for the campaign.

The world's largest tin figure fair is held every second year in the little medieval town of Kulmbach, Germany.

Here is my personal impressions from that event.

The gigantic tent where the fair was held.
Breakfast on the ferry.
Swedish editor and engraver Johan Lilliehöök.
Jan at the British Flat Figure Society's booth.
Having a beer with our Italian friend Gianpaolo Bistulfi.


Liselott Maier and grand daughter.
Wolfgang Hafer
Swedish editor and engraver Johan Lilliehöök and Jan Sennebo.
Looking down on the city of Kulmbach from the Plassenburg castle.
Bird's view of the tent where the fair was held.
Diorama in the Plassenburg museum.
Swedes and other nationalities having a beer together.
Wilifried Dangelmaier with daughters.

The webmaster himself

Guess who...!

Jan and Gianpaolo
Skillful engraver Wolfgang Friedrich in his booth.
A competition object.
Engraver Regina Sonntag with her husband.
Breakfast for the Swedes.
A happy boy with toy!
Jan and Håkan looking at some objects.
An outstanding event in the tin figure world!
Jan and skilful painter Gerry Larkin