Kulmbach 2013

The tin figure fair in Kulmbach, Germany, is the largest in the world of its kind. Here are some picures from the event.

Tin figure enthusiasts gather and have a good time her. The sourrounding environment, tasty food and good beer gives it all an edge of extreme sense of wellbeing. I bring a toast to all friends and participants and also to the organizers of this marvellous event!

This was my 8th visit, but the 19th times here for my friend and co-owner of this homepage, Jan Sennebo, will be hard to match.

Plassenburg castle overlooking the city Kulmbach.







Wolfgang Blum, Berlin, very skillful painter.



Swedish editor Johan Lilliehöök with daughter Alexandra.



Louis Liljedahl and Jan Sennebo.


Master engraver Vladimir Nuzhdin and master painter Jan Sennebo.




Editor Wolfgang Hafer.



Daughter and wife of editor Karl-Werner Rieger.





The late Anders Lindström, Tradition of Scandinavia with Jan Sennebo and Louis Liljedahl.


Jan Sennebo, Håkan Rosén and Anders Lindström in the Swedish stronghold.


Master painting of Jan Sennebo.


In he competition hall. The man waering a hat is one of the judges.





At Jan Sennebo's booth.


Heinrichsen figures wonderfully painted by F. Quiquerez.






Skillful painter Gianpaolo Bistulfi and his wife.


The Swedish corner with Tomas Hultberg and the late Anders Lindström, Tradition of Scandinavia.


Håkan Rosén and Louis Liljedahl.


Christian Carl, editor of the Cortum figures.


Charles King, British Flat Figure Society, at Jan Sennebo's booth.


Excellently painted 55 mm figures by Suzanne Pi'edavent Zahajko.








Master painting by Wolfgang Blum, Berlin. 30-mm.