Kulmbach 2019

The Fair Tent is back at its original place, the town square.


It is hot inside, temperature as well as the intensity of the commerce.


Made in China!



The Swedish contingent. Jan Sennebo, Mats Aztor, Håkan Rosén, Magdalena and Bernt Grimm.

The south Swedes, Jan Sennebo, Mats Aztor, Håkan Rosén and Louis Liljedahl.



The Plassenburg castel on the height behind the town square with Jan Sennebo, Mats Aztor and Håkan Rosén.

Jan Sennebo helping a customer.


Petter Ålander and Erik Lindmark, the Stockholm Connection.




Fourth generation of Ernst Heinrichsen Offizin.



The Britts Nicholas Ball and Ed Humphreys.


Skilled engraver Vladimir Nuzhdin.


Skilled painter Jim Horan.

Editor Rolf Neckel.



Edward Bruce, 100-mm flat.




Johan Lilliehöök, Jan Sennebo, Mats Aztor and Håkan Rosén.



The painting competition.


30-mm flats.


30-mm flat.


Jan regarding a diorama at the tin figure museum at Plassenburg.


Italian boy's toy.


Relaxing with drinks, Håkan Rosén, Louis Liljedahl and Jan Sennebo.


Plassenburg at the hilltop.


Italian market a the town square.


Kulmbach by night.