Kulmbach 2022

Being the largest in the world of its kind, the 28th German und International Tin Figure fair was held as usual the first weekend of August. It occurs every second odd year, and it should have been 2021, but Covid put a stop to it. So now it will be held every second even year.

This time there were not as many merchands as it used to be, and so the aisles were broader and the row of merchandise benches were not as close as before. In any case, there were 140 exhibitors from 16 countries and besides German, mostly English, French and Italian were spoken.

The following Swedes were present: Erik Lindsmark and Petter Ålander, Henrik Moberg, Bernt Grimm and finally Jan Sennebo and Louis Liljedahl. The Swedish contingent met as usual at the Zunftstube, a good inn, and had a marvelous dinner. And every evening we met at the town square and indulged in Italian ice cream.

The price for a figure varies considerably, the cheapest being 1 € and the most expensive this year was a set of toys in the original box from 1870 for 2500 €!


Here are some pictures from the event.


The Fair Tent is huge.



Eric Talmant.





Sixtus Maier figures.


Frans Kempe and Jan Sennebo, the Plassenburg on the hilltop.


Dan Hyllberg and Jonas Ekvall.


Petter Ålander and Jonas Ekvall.



Dan Hyllberg and Frans Kempe.


Jonas Ekvall, Frans Kempe and Jan Sennebo.


Erik Lindmark (Tradition), Petter Ålander and Jonas Ekvall.


Figures, Tradition.


At Jan Sennebo's table.

Jonas Ekvall and Bernt Grimm.

Eric Talmant, Alexander Baden and Jan Sennebo.


The Swedish contingent. Jan Sennebo, Erik Lindmark, Henrik Moberg, Petter Ålander and Frans Kempe at the Zunftstube Inn.


Louis Liljedahl buying brushes. Foto courtesy Frans Kempe.


Jan Sennbo and Louis Liljedahl. Foto courtesy Frans Kempe.

Jörg Hensel and Wolfgang Friederich.

Painting by Jörg Hensel.


Painting by Jörg Hensel.


Painting by Jörg Hensel.


Wolfgang Weiss and Oleg Sokruto.

Plassenburg in the distance.


Frans Kempe and Jan Sennebo shopping.


Jan Sennebo, Louis Liljedahl and Jonas Ekvall. Foto courtesy Frans Kempe.


Sixtis Maier figures.


Erik Lindmark, Petter Ålander, Dan Hyllberg and Jan Sennebo.