Emperor Charles the Great, engraving Otto Thieme, edition, Gottstein.


Ethiopian royalty visiting the Egyptian court. Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Otto Thieme, edition Gottstein.


Egyptian horse handler. Drawing Ludwig Madlener, engraving Ludwig Frank, edition Neckel.

Russian medieval warriors, bogatyrs, characters in medieval East Slavic legends corresponding to Western European knight-errants. 100mm, engraving F.K. Mohr, edition ?


Bohemond of Taranto, engraving Ludwig Frank, edition Müller.


From the series Nibelungen. Engraving F.K. Mohr, edition G. Rackow.


Original Indian ink drawing in natural size (30mm) by Ludwig Madlener, engraving by Ludwig Frank and edition Franz Beck. Figure painted in oil.



From both sides.


Pharaoh with concubine.


Roman lady.


Persian archer.

Gaelic warrior. 57 mm.


Saxon warrior, 6th century AD. 55 mm.


Seminole chief Osceola (1804-1838). 65 mm.


54 mm and 30 mm respectively.

Egyptian standard bearer.

Plains Indian, 100 mm.


Plains Indian, 40 mm.


Roman soldier. 100 mm flat figure.


Magnificently-painted flat by the late Norbert Heise.